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Quality Metrics

ODA is committed to exceeding patient expectations and providing the best patient experience possible; employing a variety of methods to analyze patient service performance to guide quality improvement planning, including measurement of key quality performance indicators such as chronic disease management and care coordination, and patient satisfaction surveys. These metrics are reviewed quarterly by ODA leadership and used to inform strategic planning and programmatic changes to ensure quality of care and patient needs are continuously assessed and addressed.

Chronic Disease Management

Performance data on care measures for chronic conditions is measured quarterly by site for the patient population to assess the quality of care for patients with chronic conditions.

Care Coordination

The goal of care coordination is ensure health care teams are working together to meet patient needs to improve patient experience and health outcomes. Comprehensive care coordination involves coordinating with all service providers across the health care continuum, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, behavioral health specialists and insurance plans to facilitate patient interactions with the health care system. ODA provides care coordination in several key areas and measures the level of coordination quarterly by site to ensure gaps in coordination are addressed.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys are a key tool in gathering valuable patient feedback. The information in Patient Satisfaction Surveys is assessed and incorporated into strategic planning to improve services and increase the quality of care ODA patients receive. Patients are asked to complete satisfaction surveys after each office visit. These surveys measure patient satisfaction during each stage of the patient experience, including: access, registration, providers, facility and support staff.